Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My quince, what group?

Celebrate a QuinceaƱera amazing with your bf!

Your quinceanera is a special event that will surely want your improvements friends are nearby at all times. But did you considered celebrate your party with your girlfriends improvements?

Make quinceanera in group can be an amazing way to share that day with your friends of the soul, for the pass surely very very well, and not only during the event, but also for the organization of the party!

But definitely not an easy decision, because even though they look super fun too can become utter chaos. So before starting to ask your friends if you want to make your party, here we tell you what are the pros and cons for you to decide if the party group is your thing, or not.

The advantages are ...

    You can share this amazing time with your friends enhancements.
    You will have many more guests.
    None of your classmates and school friends will miss this party.
    It may be cheaper (which your parents will appreciate).
    It is unusual, so it can be even more original and memorable.
    There will be more budget to invest in trifles, and decoration, souvenirs, and games to entertain guests.
    It's super fun to pass during the preparations.

 The disadvantages ...

    Some of your friends may want to believe the protagonist and grab all the intention.
    Dress any can be more glamorous than yours.
    It can be difficult to reach an agreement on what to send invitations that serve food, which make the party, etc..
    You will have many guests who do not know, which may make you feel less confident.
    Also your guests may feel uncomfortable not knowing many people.
    In the worst case, you could end a fight with one of your friends.

 If you beat the idea of ​​having a party in a group, then propĆ³nselo your best friends, and get to work!